IASA Position Statements – Curriculum and Instruction

10.1 SCHOOL DISTRICT ACCREDITATION - The IASA supports the Illinois State Board of Education and its pursuit of Illinois State Board of Education approved accreditation for all public, private and home schools in Illinois. (1/00) 

10.2 TECHNOLOGY IN THE SCHOOLS - The IASA supports legislation that directs the Illinois State Board of Education to assume a leadership role in the implementation of technology in the schools. The program will develop an ongoing program and provide school districts adequate technical assistance, in the use of technology for students learning and for administration of the schools, and the funding thereof. (1/00)

10.3 EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAMS - The IASA encourages the use of state and federal entitlement sources for: 1) early elementary grade intervention programs aimed at reducing subsequent student drop-out rates; and 2) educational programs, both half and full-day, for 3-5 year old children determined to be at risk of academic failure. Resources for said programs should be provided through the general State aid formula only in excess of existing fund levels. (1/00)

10.4 GROUP PLACEMENT OF STUDENTS - The IASA shall initiate and support legislation that will require the D.C.F.S. to involve local school districts in any plans for group placements of children in those districts. Further, funds for educating the placed youngsters must be earmarked (appropriated, planned for) in the agency’s budget prior to finalizing any plan. (1/00)

10.5 HOME SCHOOLING - The IASA shall support legislation to enact appropriate laws and policies to demonstrate that the education received by home-taught students is of sufficient quality to ensure appropriate transfer to schools that have current certification and recognition status from the State Board of Education. (1/00)

10.6 P.E. EXEMPTION FOR SHOW CHOIR -   The IASA shall attempt to have legislation passed that would amend 105 ILCS 5/27-6 of the School Code of Illinois to grant an additional exemption for students, grades 9-12, enrolled in an ongoing Show Choir program for credit. (2/13)

Updated – February 2013